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  • Food as 21st-century concern

    Human engagements with and through food are essential to the health of more-than-human communities, and present a key opportunity to foster positive eco-social transitions. The 21st century global food system is largely driven by the dominant ethos of extractivist capitalism. Many human-food practices in this system are troubling: the ways that people produce, transport, eat, and dispose of food are destabilising local and planetary ecosystems; contributing to the biodiversity loss and declining health of humans and non-humans alike. Food practices, and the entangled web of social, cultural, ecological and economic relations within which they exist, thus need careful attention.

    The workshop Feasting on Participatory Methodologies for Regenerative Food Transitions brings together food-oriented researchers, practitioners and others who use participatory and co-design (PD) methods to collectively envisage how we may leverage co-creative methodologies to meaningfully respond to food-related 21st century concerns. In the workshop, we will share, feast on, and digest our existing methodological practices, with the objective to enrich each other’s work and co-construct a firmer methodological foundation for participatory food design and research.

    The workshop is organised within the Participatory Design Conference 2022 program, the Nordic PDC Place section, on September 27th, 2022 in the Oodi Helsinki Central Library (Finland). We invite any interested researchers and practitioners to join us, either in-person or remotely, and contribute their situated design and research experiences – please see our Call for Participation here.

    Program overview is available here; detailed workshop schedule TBC.